Branding: Stand out from your competition

When we say Branding, people often think of it as the logo, name, or design of the website/ packaging. However, these are just the surface of what a Brand is. Branding is more like how people feel about your business, or as Marty Neumeier (author of The Brand Gap) says, “A brand is your reputation.” It is the overall perception, as well as the impression of your company, your products, your services, your mission/ vision, and many more.

At Marqqee, our goal is to help clients build that reputation by aligning their business strategy, brand promise, and target audience with the right design and experience that resonates.

We don’t believe in complete overhauls. Instead of throwing away everything that the brand has built, we look at how we can bring out each of their Unique Selling Point (USP) and work around it to create authentic, genuine brands.


Brand Strategy

  • Identify your USP
  • Match your
    product/ offer
    Target Audience

Brand Identity

  • Create visuals to match your brands’ personality
  • Brand fonts/ colours/ tone of voice/styling etc)

Brand Persona

  • Crafting a relatable
    brand messaging/
    story that will attract
    your target audience
  • Build your brands’ personality

Brand Communication

  • Design your marketing collaterals
  • Namecard/brochure/
    menu/ packaging/
    website etc)