Be seen. Be known. Be PROMINENT.

Branding and marketing are often used interchangeably, and sometimes it can be quite confusing between the two. So what exactly does each of them do?


  •  What is your Brand story? (About your company/ product)
  • What is your Unique Selling Point and brand promise? (Why should people use your company’s service/product?)



  • What media/channels are you using to reach your target audience?
  • How should you approach your target audience to capture their attention?

Small companies might think, “My business isn’t big enough for me to care about branding.” or “We run a business, not a brand.”

However, with endless options and distractions on the internet, customers have too many choices and too little time. When most product offerings have similar features and quality, customers will choose based on the brand they’ve heard/seen before.


Stronger brand recall and conversion

Business Driven Brand Strategy

  • Help align your product/ offerings with the right Target Audience
  • Create the right visual styling to attract the targeted audiences

Performance Driven Marketing

  • Provide Data and analyse consumer behavior
  • Identify the most cost-effective channels to reach your target audience

Empathy Driven Engagement

  • Design Thinking to identify pain points throughout the customer journey
  • Connect with customers by understanding their thought process

Our Origin

The greatest overlook in business marketing is not having a brand strategy. A strategically designed brand can bring out your unique selling point and help you stand out from your competition. While there are many branding agencies as well as digital marketing agencies out there, there aren’t many agencies that specialises in both areas together, as they require in-depth expertise. Marqqee is set up with the goal of bridging this gap, to offer a more holistic solution and sustainable growth for businesses.

What we stand for

Despite being in the notorious industry of advertising, we don’t believe in fluffing. We only believe in bringing out the best qualities in our clients to help them build real genuine connections with their customers. Our strategies are built with design thinking through research and fact-finding to identify the root of the problem through customer’s pain points. We are goal-oriented and performance-driven people who like tangible and measurable results. That is why we are a digital agency (;