Types of Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Today, digital marketing agencies in Singapore are a commonplace. Many offer unique expertise and services across multiple different channels and have run copious successful campaigns. But with numerous agencies all vying for your business, how do you determine which type of digital marketing agency would best suit your company and your marketing needs?

Before you choose a particular agency, it’s crucial that you determine what sort of marketing services you require. In Singapore for instance, there are 4 key types of digital marketing agencies. Full-service agencies, performance agencies, creative/branding agencies, hybrid agencies.

To aid you in your decision, we’ve put together a breakdown of each agency type. From what they can offer businesses to their disadvantages. This will help you to assist you in narrowing down your search. And clarify your expectations before negotiating a contract. Leading to a better, more successful future working relationship with your digital partner.


Full-Service Agencies 

Typically one-stop full-service agencies provide a broad range of services. Meaning that they can design and run fully integrated digital campaigns, across all platforms. Many businesses are drawn to full-service agencies due to their ability to piece together unified, omnichannel strategies. The ease of centralised communication with only one point of contact is also appealing. 

In many cases this results in smarter budget allocations across channels, making full-service agencies ideal for SMEs. Clients do need to be aware, however, that some agencies are more generalists than specialists. They may not employ staff who can fully understand and utilise all channels to their full extent. Making them a little less flexible and innovative when it comes to new industry developments and market shifts. 


Performance Marketing Agencies 

As their name suggests, performance marketing agencies typically concentrate on one specific discipline. To provide clients with a high level of expertise and unparalleled focus. These agencies often have strong relationships with vendors such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. They utilise their expert knowledge to develop advanced strategies and deploying cutting-edge tactics.

The drawback of hiring channel specialists is that brand positioning is often an afterthought for these agencies. Digital marketing often drives better results for businesses when branding and performance work in tandem. If your company is new to digital, you may want to concurrently build your brand while driving sales and revenue for your business with performance marketing.


Creative/Branding Agencies

At their core, creative agencies employ creative skills as well as media planning expertise, to support your brand and bolster its voice. This means developing a strategy to grow your brand, and building a toolkit that embeds your brand purpose, values, and positioning into every aspect of your organisation.

Ultimately, a strong creative or branding agency can communicate your brand in the right way to the right audience. However, they may fail to home in on what it takes to convert marketing to sales. Brand differentiation can be difficult to execute in some markets. It may be a costly strategy for companies that need to maximise short-term as well as long-term ROI.


Hybrid Agencies 

Although a relatively new concept, hybrid agencies are full-service agencies that bring in specialist employees and teams where needed, to offer technological and channel expertise. In many aspects, a hybrid agency is a traditional marketing agency, a digital agency, a web design company, and a handful of specialist agencies all rolled into one. 

Hybrid agencies remove the distinctions between digital design, marketing strategy, and campaign development, merging them into one complete digital marketing solution. At present, few digital marketing agencies in Singapore. aside from Marqqee. These models can provide an insurmountable competitive advantage. 


In Summary 

Navigating the world of digital marketing agencies can be a daunting task for most business owners. The explosion in the number of agencies operating in Singapore in recent years has made choosing the right one a difficult task. 

Selecting the wrong type of agency can quickly drain your budget and negatively impact your branding. But once you have an idea of which marketing services you require, you can then focus your search on one type of agency, narrowing down the overwhelming number of options on the table. 




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